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One of the Many Reasons to use a Professional Pet Sitter!

pet sitter saves frozen sprinkler
Katy Pet Nannies took care of whatever was needed for frozen pipes or sprinkler systems during the winter. We also made special trips during Hurricane Harvey to make sure client's homes did not have damage. We brought client's dogs to our house to ensure their safety.


Katy Pet Nannies offers you security, peace of mind, and comfort for your pet(s).
High quality personalized service is our #1 objective!


1. Pets are happier and experience less stress at home with their own bed and favorite toys
2.     Katy Pet Nannies will maintain their usual feeding and bedtime routines as closely as possible
3.     Less separation anxiety knowing someone will be there daily to play with them or take them on a walk
4.     Socialization with other humans outside of their "pack" (family) will result in a more even temper and less shyness -- true for cats also
5.     Oral medications and drops will be given as instructed
6.     Brushing and combing if desired
7.     Clean, fresh water is given at each visit
8.     Will receive their favorite treats -- per your instructions
9.     Litter boxes are scooped daily
10.   Pets are able to have their favorite radio or TV station on in the comfort of their own home
11.    Daily mid-day visits help puppies maintain the house-breaking habits you are teaching them -- general rule of thumb is puppies need a potty break equal to their age (ex:  3 months old = every 3 hours, 4 months of age = every 4 hours)
12.   Unnecessary exposure to illness is minimized compared to boarding


1.     Katy Pet Nannies is bonded and insured
2.     Security alarms are set when leaving your home
3.     Visual head count is taken to maintain contact with shy pets
4.     Any changes in your pets' behavior or appearance are reported to you immediately
5.     Save time by not having to transport your pet(s) to and from the boarding facility -- no worry about kennel drop-off or pick-up days and times
6.     No imposing on family and friends
7.     Floors and furniture available to your pet(s) are spot checked for any accidents -- and cleaned to the best of our ability using the products you provide
8.     Mail, packages, newspapers, and flyers are brought in
9.     Specified plants are watered per your instructions
10.    Fences and gates to backyards are checked
11.    Condition of the home is monitored -- if something doesn't seem "right," you will be contacted immediately
12.    Lights and blinds can be rotated to give your home a "lived in" look while you are away
13.    Bring in the trash can and recycle bin -- or put them out on the curb for pickup
14.    Reassurance that all is well is just a phone call, text message, or email away
15.    Able to enjoy your time away because your "babies" are being taken care of as if they were our own -- lots of TLC while being given personalized attention


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