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Meet & Greet

FREE 30 minute consultation in your home is required at least 1 week in advance of the first pet care visit.  Don't forget to show us the fish in your child's room too!

1. You will meet the pet sitter(s) entering your home

2. Your dog(s) will see that you are allowing us to become members of your pack -- and, as in a pack, your dog(s) will make the first moves to come to us for our scent

3. You will show us your pets' daily routine while telling us all about them, their likes and dislikes, your shy cat's favorite hiding place, etc

4. Location and use of cleaning supplies will be discussed

5. Requested personalized services will be discussed

6. Number and duration of visits will be decided

7. Paperwork will be completed and signed

8. House keys will be obtained at this point (see below)

9. Payment is due at this time


Two (2) house keys must be provided to Katy Pet Nannies. One will be used to make the visits while the other will be kept in a secured locked cabinet for back-up purposes. Even if you request us to use a keypad or garage door opener for entry, we MUST have a key in case the power goes out or the batteries die.

The pet sitter WILL NOT leave your key inside your house on their last visit. This allows us to continue caring for your pet(s) in case you are delayed returning home.

We strongly suggest you allow Katy Pet Nannies to keep your key on file after the last visit. All future visits are then only a phone call away. Any special trips made by KPN to pick-up or return keys will have an additional charge per trip. (See the "Rates & Services" page.) You may avoid this charge by dropping off and picking up your keys in person.


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